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About Us

Our guest house "Hadouta Masreya" or "An Egyptian tale" is tucked into the golden sand dunes that roll down and form the west bank of the Nile and is located at the heart of Naj’ Gharb Soheil overlooking the Nile. You will wake up to spectacular views where the Nile is tranquil blue, disturbed only by the whizzing speedboats and meandering feluccas that ply its waters since antiquity and spend your evenings chilling on our sky roof under clear skies ornamented with bright stars .

We cater for different needs/budgets by providing ten different rooms with ensuite and shared bathrooms, single & double beds and also accommodate for families in our triple and quadruple rooms.

At Hadouta Masreya, you will have an unmatched experience of relaxation, fun and simplicity all in style!

Who We Are...


Shereen Wardakan


Project Owner & Manager

I had a dream, it was real…


Inspired by a mysterious sense of belonging to “Bilad El Dahab” or “The Land of Gold”, the seven year old dream to have a home in Nubia and share the dream with others is now a reality named Hadouta Masreya.


The name of the guest house and the names of each room is a modest tribute to Egypt’s unique and top singer Mohamed Mounir whose music, friendship and encouragement have been a true motivation.


Almost all the furniture is upcycled from wooden pallets in an effort by us to be environment friendly. The walls and domes of this place, down to every brick, are made with love and dedication from everyone involved and we hope these vibes will surround the place and be experienced by our guests.


The Nubians of this village and neighbouring villages on the West Bank will reveal to you more than anyone else can about genuine Egyptians with their hospitality, pride in identity and love for their land and country. All staff at Hadouta Masreya are local Nubians from Naj’ Gharb Soheil and are keen to make your stay a truly special one.

We continue to dream, work, and play to make this place special for everyone including the locals of this amazing village so come to us with ideas for improvement that we may serve you and the community better. 

Hamoudy Orashy


Land Owner & Partner

The Wardakhans


Wagdi Wardakhan

Mina Wardakhan

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